Does The Engagement In Your
Facebook Group Need Help?

Your Group Will Get Excited When You Let
Them Contribute Using Their Own Links.

And These Beautiful Done-For-You
Facebook Social Engagement Graphics
Will Help You Do Just That!

(After using done-for-you graphics, you will understand why so many others use them!) 

With The Right Graphics ANYONE Can Grow Their Social Media Following... YES, Even YOU!

This Facebook Group Daily Engagement Graphics PLR Bundle  is ideal for businesses who have a Facebook Group and want to allow their followers to post information on a single thread each week. Perfect for small businesses, coaches, and local businesses that want to grow their Facebook group following. You can add your logo or website, add them to your membership, or give them away as a lead magnet.  And this is only a sample... there are 15 graphics total and you can customize which day goes on which image.

Has the task of designing social graphics gotten to be an overwhelming task?

  • Are you tired of being stalled because you can't create graphics to represent your brand in the way you'd like?
  • Is your group suffering because you don't allow your followers to post their own links?
  • Are you wondering where to start? What software to use, what font is best, what colors will work and what to say?
  • Are you questioning your ability and wondering if you will just embarrass yourself if you try to make your own graphics?
  • Unsure if what you've created actually looks good? Are you scared of being perceived as an amateur instead of the pro you know you are?

What's Included in This Package...

The Facebook Group Daily Engagement Graphics PLR Bundle contains 14 done-for-you, ready-to-customize social media optimized images you can use to inspire your audience to engage in your Facebook Group! These social media graphics are perfect for increasing engagement in your group.

Here's what you get:

  • 14 Images (1200×1200) in JPG format 
    ~Images can be easily customized with your logo and the day-of-the-week.
  • 7 Days-of-the-Week Text Overlays  in PNG format
    ~The PNG text overlays have transparent backgrounds so can customize your graphics.
  • 1 Base Image File (1200×1200) in JPG format
    ~You can use the base image to create new images with your own wording.


Just Look At What You Get!

Get instant access to Facebook Group Daily Engagement Graphics PLR Bundle now!

This Facebook Group Daily Engagement Graphics PLR Bundle  is ideal for businesses who depend on their Facebook Group to bring them traffic and sell their products.. These graphics can help you increase your Facebook Group following and free up your time to create products that make you money.

Text Used On Social Graphics:

  • Social Follow Day
  • YouTube Subscribe Day
  • Social Share Day
  • Facebook Follow Day
  • Promo Day
  • Freebie Share Day
  • Insta Follow Day
  • Motivate Day
  • Pin-It Day
  • Collab Day
  • Blog Post Share Day
  • Twitter Follow Day
  • Share Day
  • Spam Us Day
  • One Blank Background


Here are a couple answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do I use these graphics?

What can I do with these graphics?

How do I add the correct day-of-week to each graphic?

Private Label Rights

What you CAN do:

  • You can rewrite, change, tweak, add, remove and brand all elements as your own.
  • You can publish these graphics anywhere that allows PLR content – please note, some publishing platforms are not open to it. 
  • You can offer the content for sale or add it to a membership site.
  • Full license detail is included with the package.

What you CANNOT do:

  • DO NOT  give or sell the package "as is" to others.
  • DO NOT  pass along any re-gifting, reselling or Private Label Rights to others.
  • DO NOT  sell on auction sites.
  • DO NOT  use where prohibited (for example, Amazon does not permit PLR content in Kindle books).

Get instant access to Facebook Group Daily Engagement Graphics PLR Bundle now! 

Don't pass up on these beautiful graphics to take your Facebook Group to the next level.  These graphics can help you increase your group following and free up your time to create products that make you money.

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