Creativity Decline - How Do Number Affect It?

Creativity Decline – How Do Numbers Affect Your Creativity?

The other night I was laying in bed desperately trying to fall asleep. To my dismay, it wasn’t going to happen. You know how it is, your mind moves from the things of the day to the things you might have in your day tomorrow, and then it sticks itself on one of those things. […]

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Wrap A Logo Or Photo on a Mug or Cylindrical Item with Photoshop

Use Photoshop to Add a Logo or Photo to a Mug or Other Cylinder

Wouldn’t it be cool to add your logo to a mug that’s in a photo you use on a blog post? Check out the photos below, which photo looks more realistic? The one where I just placed the flat logo on the mug or the one that looks like it wraps around the mug? For […]

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Want to Start an Online Business? You Need a Blog!

Want To Start An Online Business? You Need A Blog

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy for details. It seems in the last few years the term “blog” has gone from being an almost unknown word to an everyday household term. Almost everyone has a blog, from huge corporations to the local bakery to just about every mom I know. There […]

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Start a Creativity Journal and Keep the Creativity Flowing

Start A Creativity Journal To Keep Your Creativity Flowing

Have you ever thought about keeping a creativity journal? You don’t have to be a writer, graphic designer or artist, to be creative. Creativity is in everyone, you just need to believe that you are creative and let it come out. But even for those who know they are creative, maintaining that creativity can sometimes […]

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Facebook Meme With a Solid to Transparent Gradient

Make A Meme for Facebook Using Photoshop Gradient Tool

Do you like the Facebook memes that have a solid color where the text lies and then gradually fades to a photo? Since I started making Photoshop Quick Tip videos I’ve had a couple of special requests. One was to offer instructions on how to make the gradient that fades from solid, where quote text […]

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The Goals That Shape Your Future - Is There A Better Way To Think About Them?

The Goals That Shape Your Future – Is There A Better Way To Think About Them?

Do you have goals? I don’t always have written goals, but I do always have something I’m working toward. I usually keep those goals in my head, that is, unless I read a book that tells me I need to write them down, then for a short period of time, I write them down. But […]

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Straighten A Photo While Cropping

Little Known Photoshop Feature to Straighten A Photo While Cropping

So, what if you have a project where you need to use this photo but want the napkin to be straight?  You know, the bottom edge of the napkin parallel with the bottom edge of the photo. Well, logic would tell you that if you turned the photo, the corners would be off the edge […]

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Photoshop Quick Tip Clip - Fill Using Content-Aware

Use Photoshop To Remove Those Pesky Unwanted Elements From Your Photos

I love using Photoshop, I honestly don’t know what I would do without it. But, if you’re new to this awesome tool, it can be a little intimidating. So, I’m making it my mission to teach Photoshop in short “Quick Tip” videos to help you acquire skills to make your online photos pop and bring […]

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The Boredom and Creativity Link

The Boredom and Creativity Link

Let myself be bored? Seriously? Why would I ever need to be bored again? Between running the business I love and my handy dandy smartphone, there’s really never a reason to be bored. Standing in line at the grocery…Facebook to the rescue. Waiting to get my driver’s license renewed…Facebook, Email, Amazon Seller App, and Solitaire Double […]

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Target Market and Customer Avatar

Finding Your Target Audience and Defining Your Customer Avatar

Are you ever unsure which direction you want to go? You have multiple options for getting to where you want to go and any one of them is just as good as the other, in fact, they are all so good, you have a hard time deciding? Yeah, that’s been me this last week while […]

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