Family... A Big Reason Why I Love Being An Entrepreneur

Family… A Big Reason Why I Love Being an Entrepreneur But That’s Not The Only Reason

Sometimes I think my choice to become an entrepreneur was a really crazy idea!

Many days are filled with more challenges than most people can imagine. The constant decision-making is exhausting and I always seem to second-guess my new ideas. Not sure why that is.

Then there's the worrying about cash flow, hiring employees and outsourcing, trying to stay focused on a current project, figuring out how to market products and…

the never-ending self-doubt.

With a list like that, it's really a wonder that anyone ever opens a new business.


Then I think about the time I'm able to spend with my kids and grandkids because I have a flexible schedule and no one tells me when I have to be at work.

When I think about being able to spend my days working with my husband, the gratitude swells up in my heart to the point it almost brings me to tears.

And that gratitude continues every day when I think of the opportunity I get to change lives with the products and information I create.

As I get older, I'm grateful that I get to use my brain. Writing, creating products, decision-making, goal-setting, branding, growth, bookkeeping, processes, they all give me ample and endless opportunity to keep my brain fresh.

And, I'm grateful that there are no age restrictions, I won't be “retired” when I get to be 65.

Then there are the simpler things, for example, I have full control over where I work, what equipment I use, and how my workspace is set-up. That helps me feel good and removes frustration when I work.

I can take a long lunch with a friend and not have to explain to anyone why I was gone for more than an hour.

I don't have to spend a bunch of money on clothes (or tight-fitting high-heel shoes) to “dress for success”. My success isn't defined by how I look.

I wake without an alarm and am no longer perpetually tired.

I love to learn and consequently, I allow myself to learn the things I WANT to learn, not something assigned to me. I get to experience the personal growth I love while it helps me grow my business.

I get the satisfaction of creating things from nothing. Products, processes, branding, graphic creatives, these are the things that allow my creativity to flow and flourish.

I control my brand, what products are offered, what my branding looks like, what is said on my website and social channels, and how my company is represented.

I get to build my own security and control my destiny. I'm in control of how much money I make and how far I can take my company. It's not left up to a manager or worse, the HR Dept with a clipboard and stock review form to tell me how much money I will make.

I love that not having a college degree means absolutely nothing.

I get to earn my living doing what I love, working with people I love, bringing big ideas to life, in the comfort of my home where I love to be… AND it never feels like work!

Yeah, I have to deal with those things I mentioned at the beginning of this post but even a bad day as an entrepreneur is better than a good day working for someone else.

I hope you get the opportunity to enjoy entrepreneurship too.  Check out the courses I offer to help you get started creating an online business.

All my best,


About the Author Reba Collins

I’m a fifty-something, self-taught, online business geek from Texas and owner of Online To Thrive. A lot goes into creating an online business and it can be a really scary endeavor. I’m here to help make getting started easy and affordable with step-by-step courses that are clear, straightforward, and uncomplicated.