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Grandkid Lovin’ Facebook Page Case Study – Post #2 – End of Feb 2019

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A month has passed and the Grandkid Lovin' Facebook Page has grown! Still no affiliate income but I'm working on doing better.

Page Stats

Let's start with the stats – this is as of today Feb 27, 2019: 894, 4010, 2484, 56.77, 3, 0

End of Jan 2019 End of Feb 2019
Number of Likes 374 894
Highest Post Reach in Period (Paid) 5661 4010
Highest Post Reach in Period (Organic) 518 (increased to 795) 2484
Dollars Spent on Ads/Boosts $41.90 $56.79
Number Affiliate Posts 2 3
Dollars Earned From Affiliates $0 $0


During the month of February I ran a total of 7 ads throughout the month, some ran simultaneously:

  • 4 ads for LIKES – $39.79 (.09 per LIKE)
  • 3 BOOSTED posts – $17.00 (.02 per ENGAGEMENT)

I changed the bulk of my ads to LIKE ads instead of ENGAGEMENT ads. This allows Facebook to show my ads to people who are more likely to LIKE instead of ENGAGE. Previously I was just hitting the BOOST button on the page which created an ENGAGEMENT ad. To create the LIKE ad, I had to use the Ad Manager in my Business Account.

As you can see, this made a huge difference in the number of new LIKES. And in turn, it helped with my organic reach.  I will continue to run at least one LIKE ad consistently and change it out as the Ad Frequency starts to get over 1.00. The Ad Frequency shows you how many times each person is seeing the ad.

I also noticed the Relevancy Scores on my ads are quite high.  Of the 7 ads I ran, 5 had a Relevancy Score of 10, one had a 9, and the other wasn't shown enough to be scored.  Ten is the highest score you can get. Ads are scored from 1-10 based on how relevant the ad is to the page after the ad has a reach of 500. The higher your relevancy score, the less you pay for your ad.

I'm happy to pay .09 per LIKE, hopefully, one day in the future it will pay off – more on that later in this post.

Post Reach

Just like last month, the ORGANIC reach followed the PAID reach. That tells me that my ads give me a double return. Other than the people who have already LIKED my page, when a person sees my ad and engages or likes, their friends, who may or may not already follow my page, see it too.

The spike on Feb 26 was a new type of post that was endearing (see under chart). I used a stock photo and added some text that I made up. I did not boost or run an ad, it was just a popular post all on its own. I will be creating this type of post intermingled with the Paw Paw and Grandma posts going forward.

Grandkid Lovin' Facebook Page Reach Chart for February 2019

There's something about Grandkids - That makes life delightful

Page Likes

As you can see, the ads I ran for LIKES did their job. I had a net increase of 540 LIKES in just one month. This increased engagement and made the page a fun place.

Grandkid Lovin' Facebook Page Net Likes Chart for February 2019

Affiliate Posts

I'm just not doing a good job with this and that really needs to change since it's currently the only way for me to monetize the page. I'm finding it to be a lot of work to sign-up for affiliate programs and wait for approval when most never respond. Then I have to figure out what pic to post. And then, no one engages or clicks.

I posted in a group I'm in to get some help with this area of the page. The response and info she gave was really good.

One of the coaches told me she thought the page is doing really well, the posts are spot-on, and the engagement is really good. The problem is that my affiliate posts don't blend in. The page is fun and endearing, but then when I post an offer, it's a mismatch to the other posts. I need to use some of my fun posts to sell products.

An example is the post below.

Here I could have given a link to a pack of pacifiers. The post was well received and had a lot of comments, it would have been the perfect place to add an affiliate link.

Another post she said I could have monetized was the one below. I could have added, “Get your balloons here>>” and put a link to Amazon.

I recognize that the products suggested above are small dollar items, but if I work in some higher priced items, this method may make a difference. If you consider that my affiliate link will be embedded in the post every time it is shared as well, as the page grows it can make a big difference.

Last we talked about offering some of my own items using print-on-demand. The way to do this would be to offer an affiliate item that's similar to what I would offer. If it is popular, then create the item. I will be testing this very soon.

I'm also considering creating a Grandma's Recipes cookbook to offer. But first, I need to get the affilate offers working.

Popular Posts for the Month

Crazy Aunt Facebook Post

I boosted this post and got the ENGAGEMENT shown here. I also ran it as a LIKE ad and got 274 page LIKES from it at .08 per LIKE. It had a Relevancy Score of 10. And YES!! I asked the crazy aunt for permission before I posted it. She got a kick out of it. She's such a good sport.

Can we make some chickens Facebook Post

I boosted this for engagement and it reached over 1000 people with 303 LIKES and 103 SHARES. I could have added an affiliate link for bowls and kitchen gadgets saying, “Want to make your own chickens?”

This post was posted on Feb 23 and I did NOT boost it. It already has 1043 REACH and 203 ENGAGEMENTS. I ran an ad for LIKES using this graphic but it has separate metrics. It started on Feb 23 so has only been running for 3-1/2 days. So far it has 635 REACH and 50 PAGE LIKES. It has a Relevancy Score of 10 and I'm paying .11 per PAGE LIKE.

There's something about Grandkids - That makes life delightful

This is by far the most popular post this month. I posted it yesterday morning, so it's been up about 24 hours with NO boost. Look at the number of SHARES! This is exciting. I don't think there would be a way to monetize it but that's okay because not every post should be monetized.


One thing that's super fun about the page is the true ENGAGEMENT. An example is this grandpa letting me know he's having another grandbaby.

Facebook Engagement - Grandbaby Announcement

I also get a giggle when people find us, go through the page and LIKE everything! Like this lady, and there were more LIKES, this is all I could fit on my phone's screenshot! I get this a LOT, at least 4 or 5 times a month.

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Thanks for reading!


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