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Grandkid Lovin’ Facebook Page Case Study – Post #3 – End of March 2019

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I'm a little late making this post but I will base the data on the end of March 2019.

The Grandkid Lovin' Facebook Page has continued to grow but still now affiliate income. I'm sure it's because I wasn't diligent in making offers.

It's so easy to post consumable content that the followers love, but making an offer involves so much more.

Getting signed-up with affiliates continues to be a pain. Without a website, many won't approve me (Etsy is the one I really want but they told me I need a website). I did add a few new ones this month and will continue to work on it. It's also not so easy to just add an offer to a cute meme, but again, I'll continue to work on it. And lastly, creating or finding the right graphic to use with an offer is really time-consuming.

I guess I've found every excuse in the book for why the page hasn't had a sale. Right?

So now the reporting.

Page Stats

End of Jan 2019 End of Feb 2019 End of Mar 2019
Number of Likes 374 894 1228
Net New Likes 186 540 305
Highest Post Reach in Period (Paid Boosted Posts) 5661 4010 Stopped boosting in Mar – hard to determine this number – will use Total Paid Reach going forward
Total Reach in Period (Paid) 4227 7014 5483
Highest Post Reach in Period (Organic) 795 2484 2363
Dollars Spent on Ads/Boosts $41.90 $56.79 $61.91
Number Affiliate Posts 2 3 4
Dollars Earned From Affiliates $0 $0 $0


During the month of March, I ran a total of XX ads throughout the month, some ran simultaneously:

  • 5 ads for LIKES – 61.91 (308 LIKES at .20 per LIKE)

I'm not sure what happened with the LIKE ads. Last month I had 478 LIKES (from ads) at .09 per LIKE. I think I need to take a close look at this since it's not only costing me twice as much per LIKE but I also got a lot less LIKES. I'm going to consider the ad graphics, length of time the ads ran, why the REACH was down, and whether or not using a BOOST ad in combination makes a difference.

The relevancy scores on 3 of the ads was a 9 and a 10 on the other 2 ads. I don't think this had an effect on the REACH. Had it been under 5, I would attribute the lower reach to that.

One other thing that could be the problem is I'm wearing out my audience. I've been using the same audience for all my ads. Going forward I'm going to work on creating new audiences and also EXCLUDE those who already like the page, I haven't been doing that. We'll see if it makes a difference.

Post Reach

Just like prior months, the ORGANIC reach followed the PAID reach but as noted above, the REACH is down this month.

The spike on Mar 17 was a post I made for St. Patrick's day. The reach it got was all organic but I also had good paid REACH that day. The post is shown below.

Grandkid Lovin' Facebook Page Reach

Most popular post for March – posted on Mar 17. Its stats are directly below it. REACH was 2363 and ENGAGEMENT was 282. This post has exceptional stats for a page with only around 1000 LIKES.

The second best post is below.  It was posted on March 8. Its stats are directly below it. REACH was 1907 and ENGAGEMENT was 263. Another post with exceptional stats for a page with only around 1000 LIKES.

Page Likes

Okay, you know from above that my LIKE ads didn't do as well as the month prior. I'm going to work on that because it's costing me money and the number of LIKES. We had a net gain of 305 LIKES for March. Even though it dropped from that last month, I'm still happy to see the new LIKES.


Affiliate Posts

Again, I'm just not doing a good job in this area. I ran 4 affiliate posts this month which is 1 more than last month, but still no sales. Also, I noticed that these posts don't get the REACH that other posts get. I think it's because there is a link that takes people away from Facebook. I haven't been running ads on these, I think I'll start BOOSTING them and see if it makes a difference with the REACH.

Here are a couple of the ads I ran. Some got engagement which is better than in the past.

This post's REACH was only 140 which is much much lower than my average REACH of 370 per day (I couldn't find stats on average reach per post, I'll keep looking).

This post only got REACH of 190, a little more than the one above because it had more ENGAGEMENT but still much lower than other posts, especially the posts I create (not shared posts).

Popular Posts for the Month

Other than the posts previously mentioned above, of the posts I created, this was the third most popular.  REACH was all organic. I think people like rooting for kids.

This was a shared post, I did not create it but it was super popular. Whenever a post, even shared posts, get a lot of ENGAGEMENT, it helps the page be seen by more people. More people see the page and more people LIKE the page. Plus, anyone who LIKES the post but hasn't liked the page, I send an invite to LIKE the page. It's hard to measure with exactness what percentage accept the invite but I do get acceptances, so in my eyes, it's worth the trouble.


I finally created a logo and some time mid-month started using it on my memes – but I'm still forgetting. I need to get better at this considering all the SHARES I get. Here's the logo, I'm happy with it and will use it when I create the website:

Grandkid Lovin' Logo

One other note about the page, I'm finding the ENGAGEMENT for video to be much lower than just graphic memes.  I haven't studied this, I need to look at the REACH vs ENGAGEMENT on the video I've posted. Everythng I've learned says that video gets better REACH, especially LIVE video. I tried sharing other's video,  posting my own video, and I also tried some LIVE video. I will continue to try various forms of posts but it just may be a characteristic of the audience that they don't watch video. I'll keep you updated on this.

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Thanks for reading!


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