How Much Should A Professionally Designed Logo Cost?

How Much Should A Professionally Designed Logo Cost?

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I have fun focusing on the creative end of online business even though I'm pretty handy with the tech stuff too.  I like the creative part so much, I recently launched a new course about how to create a logo called “Create The Perfect Logo For Your Online Business” (sign-up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page and you can get the course for just $7 – a special limited time deal!). And, even though I know how much graphic designers charge, I thought it would be great to write about the topic so my readers can understand the costs as well.

So, I scoured the web to answer the question, “How Much Do Professionally Designed Logos Cost?” and found two great articles.

Deluxe – “How much should a professional logo design cost?”

The first article I found is from the Deluxe website's Small Business Resource Center and the article title is “How much should a professional logo design cost?

Low-End Design

They say a reasonable logo design starts at $100. That type of logo will be simple with the company name and a simple mark (graphic).

Hmm…I'd say that's very reasonable as I don't know any graphic designers that do a logo for $100. I do imagine you could find someone on or to create a logo for that price. My advice here would be to read all the comments and reviews as I've had some great success there and I've been burned. The vendors I took the time to vet are some that I still use today, going back again and again. Not necessarily for logos but for other graphic work. Just be careful on platforms where the prices are lower than normal.

A Bit More Money

The Deluxe article goes on to talk about intermediate designs. If the logo you want to create has intricate patterns and fonts, be prepared to pay at least $400 – $700. This is where you will get a sophisticated logo saved in a variety of formats for your every need. You may even get your letterhead, business cards, and envelopes laid-out for you in this price range. Also, expect to find the more experienced graphic designers charging in this price range. Most of the designers I know are in the $400 – $1000 range.

Over The Top For a Small Business or Blogger!!

The last category covered in the article is the $1000+ range. These logos are for companies that are ready to step into the big leagues. The development of a custom logo where the customer avatar is discussed in depth and multiple designers brainstorm to come up with a logo the fits your business like a shoe, will cost a lot of money. When companies reach national and global recognition and feel their marketing could reach a new level with a custom logo designed by a high-end designer, is when they should make this move. Spending this kind of money for a new small business would be a waste.

New small businesses, especially the kind that my website speaks to (solopreneurs, side-gigs, and new bloggers), just need to get their site up and get started. New businesses like these will change many, many times before they will need to spend over $1000 on a logo. At this point, a nice simple logo, designed well, that speaks to your customer will get you started and will probably work for you for many years. Spending $1000 for a logo when you're in this circumstance will be money spent that you could have used on others things that will help your website run well.

Logojoy – How Much Does a Logo Cost in 2018?

The second article I found is on the Logojoy website and titled “How Much Does a Logo Cost in 2018?

This article covers the cost of a logo but also give all the different ways you can use to make a logo.

Photoshop for just $9.99/mo

I Think the DIY Route is the Way To Go

First, they cover the “Do It Yourself” option and talk about the cost of graphic design software both online and downloaded to your computer. Online programs covered are Sketch, Vectr, and Canva (for links go the original article on Logojoy). The only one I've used of these three is Canva and I like it a lot. Their website has a lot of great information including 1000s of logo templates you can customize.

The other one they discuss is Adobe Illustrator. This is top of the line graphic illustration software used by professionals. It has a steep learning curve and should only be considered by those who are serious about graphic illustration. Adobe Photoshop or even Canva, which is easier to learn and costs less, can be used in the start-up phase of a small business or blogger.

MY ADDITIONAdobe Photoshop – $9.99 per month with a 1-year commitment – this is top of the line graphic software used by professionals. This software does not create vector images, but for the new small business start-up, it will suffice until you need a vector image and then you can outsource the conversion fairly inexpensively. The learning curve is a bit high but once familiar it can be used for much more than just logos. Consider how many graphics a website or blog needs over the course of its life, photos, buttons, ads, featured images, memes, and so much more. Photoshop can handle it. You may have to go through a class to get started but they are easy to go through online at places like Udemy and CreativeLive. I highly recommend this software.

Note:  Logos should be designed in a vector format to allow for resizing, however, I recommend, if you don't already know how to use a program that creates a vector image, just use one that creates a raster image (pixels) and upgrade to a vector image later when it's needed. This will save the DIYer a lot of time and learning curve.

Using a Template to Make Your Logo is a Great Option Too!

Creative Market Logo TemplatesThe next option they cover is buying and customizing a Logo Template. These can be purchased from websites like Creative Market, Graphic Burger, and GraphicRiver. This is an excellent option as long as you have graphics software to make the template unique. Photoshop and Canva can probably work for this but be sure to check the formatting to make sure these programs will import the files.  There is a large selection of templates from a plethora of artists on these sites.

Online Automated Logo Makers Can Work For Some

LogojoyNext is to use an Online Logo Maker like Logojoy.  When I was making my course, “Create The Perfect Logo For Your Online Business”, I reviewed Logojoy and liked it. It ran heavily on symbols but seemed to be quite creative on the output. If you're looking to make a logo without spending too much too much time and money, this may be an option. You can try it for free but if you like any of the logos it makes, you will have to pay. Basic low-resolution logos, like for your website only, are $20.  A premium package where you get high-res files, multiple colors, and unlimited changes are $65.

Get a Bunch Of Designers to Create Your Logo

Next, they covered Crowdsourced Design from places like 99Designs, DesignCrowd and DesignHill. These places are great if you're ready to spend a little bit of money. They start as low as $99 and go up from there. Of course, to get a high-quality designer, the price goes up. With these sites, you basically put the job out for bid, the designers who choose your work order make a logo or two and submit them to you. You pick the one you like.  I've never used one of these sites, but I have heard good things from others who went with the $299+ packages.

Freelance Designers Can Be Hit or Miss

Next, they talk about Hiring A Freelance Designer from places like Dribbble, Fiverr, and Upwork. I talked a little bit about Fiverr and Upwork at the beginning of this article. You can get a really nice logo through these websites, but you can also get a terrible one. I hired a designer through Fiverr once who stated on his page that he creates the logo from scratch, but when I got it back, I had a feeling. After a long search through the stock images sites, I found the graphic. Not something you want from a designer. Just be sure to check their star rating and feedback.

Get an Agency to Design Your Logo? That's Craziness!

Lastly, they talk about Hiring a Design Agency. Using an agency is the last thing you want to do as a small business. They charge anywhere from $2500 and upwards to $10k. Don't even think about it until you're in the company of Amazon, BirchBox, Chewy, and Warby Parker.

Hiring a Logo Designer Through Referral

Samantha Angel

Samantha Angel – Graphic Designer

So that's all the articles had to say, but they left one important way to get your logo designed, and that's the independent graphic designers referred to you by a friend. There are tons and tons of graphic designers working out of their homes quietly keeping their clients happy. I know a few just off the top of my head but most of them are booked solid. One that I highly recommend is Samantha Angel, she's pretty booked up but still takes time do logos for new clients.  Just go to her Contact page and shoot her a note describing your project. She's so busy she doesn't have her website updated with everything she does.

Yes, be sure to ask your business friends, ask your regular friends, and ask everyone you know who they would refer to you. I'm sure you'll find an abundance of references in doing so.

Well, this post got a little long but it's PACKED with useful information. I hope you got tons of value and if so, leave me a comment or ask a question below. I love to hear from my readers.

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