Facebook Meme With a Solid to Transparent Gradient

Make A Meme for Facebook Using Photoshop Gradient Tool

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Do you like the Facebook memes that have a solid color where the text lies and then gradually fades to a photo?

Since I started making Photoshop Quick Tip videos I've had a couple of special requests. One was to offer instructions on how to make the gradient that fades from solid, where quote text would be positioned, to an underlying photo.  So, in this video I show you how to make and adjust the solid to transparent gradient.

Here's the finished meme. It's not full size for Facebook, which is 940×788, because I had to size it down a little to fit properly on my blog. You never want to put a larger photo on a post, even if it would auto resize because you never want to have a bigger photo and more data to load than necessary.

Make A Facebook Meme Using Photoshop

In the video, for sake of time, I only covered how to make the gradient, not how to add the text. I hope this helps with your social media marketing.

Video is best viewed in FULL-SCREEN mode.

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