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Make Marketing Easy: How To Define Your Ideal Customer

Creating Products Your Customers Love Will Be Like Child's Play After You  Define Your Customer Avatar...
It 's As If Your Customer Whispered In Your Ear What Products To Create.

(After taking this course, you'll wonder why the heck you didn't do this sooner.)

another great course to help you

grow your online business by

Online ToThrive

Another Great Course To Help You Grow Your Online Business By

Online ToThrive
make Marketing Easy: How To Define Your Ideal Customer

Content & Product Creation Has Never Been Easier... YES, Even For YOU!

Easily Create The Perfect Products  For Your Audience & Watch Them Buy Again & Again!
This is the ideal course for business owners who want to create products that their customers love.  Creating the right content to draw in customers and offering the perfect products has never been easier. 

"Creating your customer avatar is one of the most important things you will do for your business."

Has the task of creating content and products for your business turned into confusion and overwhelm?

  • Do you often wonder why other people are able to produce content that is perfect for their audience with such ease?
  • Does it ever seem to you that everyone else knows exactly what products to offer their audience and you have no idea what your peeps want or need?
  • Have you been creating products but had lackluster sales and can't figure out why or what to offer instead so you can finally get some sales?
  • Don't you just want to whip up blog posts that you know will draw in customers who will subscribe and buy your products?



This course is for you if...

  • You're a business owner on a tight budget and you understand that not knowing what your customers want to buy is a colossal waste of time and money .

  • You're considering outsourcing your content creation and ad placement but you don't know what details to give the person you're outsourcing to.  Wouldn't it be a huge waste of money for that person to write ad copy, a blog post or even create a product for a nameless faceless crowd?

  • You know your business better than anyone else and you think you know what your customer wants, but the products or services you've been offering have had lackluster sales. And you don't know why.

  • You know you can increase your business if you could just read your customer's mind, know exactly what their problems are and create products to solve those problems. But, you have no idea how to figure that out.

To Find Your Customers - Define Your Avatar

This course was magic...

"So happy with the "Make Marketing Easy – How To Define Your Ideal Customer" course by Reba Collins.

Knowing who your ideal customer is has to be one of the most important things a new biz owner needs to know and yet it is probably the most UNlikely thing they will actually attempt to figure out.

Many people find it an intimidating and overwhelming exercise, so they skim over it (or worse, keep putting it off) and then spend the next few years making costly mistakes.

Reba's course is fabulous. She knows what's important and she takes what is a tough stumbling block for many and leads you step by step thru it, making it painless and easier to understand.

I strongly believe that anyone starting a business needs this course, and if they do the work, will come out the other end with a good strong avatar in which to build their business with."

Thanks Reba, This course was magic. 

Kim Gail

You'll Learn Everything You Need To Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar!
And You'll Quickly Be Creating The Type of Content, Products & Services That Attracts Your Ideal Customer Like A Magnet.   

In this course you will learn:

Target Audience

You'll learn what a target audience is and how it's different from the avatar you will be creating. 


Customer Avatar

You'll learn what an avatar is and how it will affect the creation of all your content, products and services.

Importance Of Avatar

You'll learn why it's important to narrow your focus down so you're talking to just one person.

Create Your Avatar

Here's where the fun begins! You'll use the workbook to create your customer avatar that's unique to your business. 

Example Avatar

Here you'll watch as we go through all the questions using the avatar created for Online To Thrive. 

Crafting Content

You'll learn how to talk to just one person when creating any content and why it's important.

Types of Content

You'll learn what is meant by the term content and all the different types of content that can be created.

Buying Cycle

You'll learn the 5 stages of a customer's buying cycle and how content can be matched to all the stages.

Finding Your Avatar

You'll learn a variety of places and methods to find your avatar and bring them to you.

Your Avatar Is Unique
Your Avatar is One of a Kind
Your Avatar is Special

Get instant access to "Make Marketing Easy: How To Define Your Ideal Customer" now!

Make Marketing Easy: How To Define Your Ideal Customer is the ideal course for business owners who want to create content and products their customers will not only love, but will buy and return for your next product and the one after that. 


Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 10 DAYS!

Review the course for 10 days. If, after you've had time to log in and review the training, you don't feel Make Marketing Easy: How To Define Your Ideal Customer offers the value we've presented here, just email me for a full refund. No hard feelings and the only question I'll ask is what you think was missing from the course.

Lesa Dale

The details in the workbook to create my avatar are awesome!

"I just completed Reba’s new course, Make Marketing Easy – How To Define Your Ideal Customer! The details in the workbook to create my avatar are awesome! The most complete I’ve seen around. And Reba’s example avatar was very helpful." 

Lesa Dale - LisaDale.com


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is an ideal customer avatar?

Can you tell me what is covered in this course?

How is the information delivered?

How long do I have access to the course?

Why do I need to buy this course?

Are there transcripts so I can read the information?

When does the course start and finish?

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

Christina Rankin Lemmey

It's easy to understand, the videos are short and to-the-point ...

"I loved Reba's course, How to Define Your Avatar. It's easy to understand, the videos are short and to-the-point, plus Reba's video narration has a very calming effect.

I'm also thrilled that Reba included a workbook (with lots of space for notes) as well as an ebook. My learning style leans heavily toward the written word so I love that I can use these written options instead of just having videos and having to pull out my own notes.

With these 3 tools, I am certain I will be able to craft a strong client avatar for my business."

Christina Rankin Lemmey - Multimedia Content Solutions

Get instant access to "Make Marketing Easy: How To Define Your Ideal Customer" now!

Don't pass up on the ideal course  to take your business and brand to the next level. Learn everything you need to know to create the perfect content and products for your audience. Turn prospects into customers that love and buy everything you create.


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