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Choose from graphics like these (titles are not included, e-covers will be blank):

Sparklers - iPad Product Graphic
Butterfly Freedom Ring Binder
Butterfly Freedom Laptop
Butterfly Freedom iPhone X
Butterfly - iPad Product Graphic
Driving Freedom Ring Binder
Driving Freedom-Laptop
Driving Freedom iPhone X
Driver - iPad Product Graphic

Your graphics will be BLANK...

They are ready for you to add your own title, byline and anything else you want to add.

This is just a sample... we have many more components and collections. Check our online shop!

Has the task of designing your product covers & graphics gotten in the way of taking action?

  • Are you tired of being stalled because you can't get an e-cover graphic designed that perfectly fits your product?
  • Are you still without an e-cover graphic after trying to design one yourself and feel like the process is just too overwhelming and confusing? 
  • Are you wondering where to start? What software to use, what font is best, what colors will work? How do you make it 3D?
  • Are you questioning your ability and wondering if you will just embarrass yourself if you try to make your own product graphics?
  • Unsure if what you've created actually looks good? Are you scared of being perceived as an amateur instead of the pro you know you are?
Flower Power Ring Binder
Flower Power Laptop
Flower Power iPhone X
Freedom Flower Power - iPad Product Graphic

Your graphics will be BLANK...

They are ready for you to add your own title, byline and anything else you want to add.


Buying PLR E-Cover Graphics is for you if...

  • You have a new product, you're on a tight budget, and you know that hiring a graphic designer to make the graphics for your product could cost you hundreds of dollars and it will blow your budget out of the water.

  • You're considering outsourcing your online product graphics creation to a graphic designer but you're in a hurry to get it launched and bring in some revenue. Wouldn't it be great to be able to get your product launched quickly? Wouldn't it be nice to not wonder what you'll get back from a designer and whether or not you'll like it?

  • You're continuously creating new online products and entering into new niches, and you know you could save a lot of money if you could just buy the graphic design in the same easy way you buy your PLR.

Why is adding your own Title, Byline & Logo

better than having a designer do it for you?

  • Tired of waiting for a designer to get your graphic back to you?
    Designers are busy people these days and turn-around time can be a big problem.  Do you just want to get your product out there quickly so it can start selling? Our e-covers come blank and ready for you to customize in Photoshop, Canva, or whatever graphic software you use. Just open them, add text for the title and byline, add your logo if you like, and boom! Save and you're done.
  • Have you purchased fonts to represent your brand and want to use those on your e-covers?
    You want to use your own fonts but now you have to figure out how to get them to your designer. That's a hassle, with all the other files you have to send over, you now have to remember to send the fonts too. And does your license allow you to do that?
  • Do you have custom colors you use for your brand that you want to be sure are used on your e-cover?
    Wow! Even more information you have to communicate. Hmmm, what's the hex code for that color? This is really getting to be a hassle, isn't it? With pre-made e-covers, no trading files and communicating information, just add what you want to the front of the graphic and you're done!
  • Tired of communicating all this special information to a designer and sending files back & forth?
    And then waiting a week or more to get your e-cover back, and then have to send it for revisions... Just do it yourself, it'll take 10 mins and you can put it up on your website and start selling right away.

You'll Get Everything You Need to Make Your Online Products & Courses Look Beautiful & Perfect For Your Business! The Right Graphics Attract Customers and Create Sales. 

Here's what you get:

Transparent Background

You will receive your finished graphic files in 2 formats, JPG & PNG. The PNG files will have a transparent background.

Individual Component Files

If you buy multiple items, each item will be in a separate file. This allows you to use them individually or grouped. 

Generous Licensing

We give you the most generous commercial and/or PLR license allowed by the components used in the design.

Orange Peace Composite


They are ready for you to add your own title, byline and anything else you want to add.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Will these graphics be sold to other people?

How is the information delivered?

What software do I need in order to use these graphics?

Can I have you change out the photo, or color, or font?

What is allowed with the license?

What if I've already decided to hire a designer?

Get your E-Cover Graphics today!

Don't pass up these beautiful E-Cover Graphics  to take your business to the next level. 

Professional graphics make your product stand out and look professional. PLR E-Cover Graphics that genuinely represent your product can save you tons of money over hiring a graphic designer.

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Ocean Composite

Your graphics will be BLANK...

They are ready for you to add your own title, byline and anything else you want to add.

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