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Create the Perfect Logo For Your Online Business Course





Create An Awesome Logo That Attracts Your Ideal Customer & Makes You Look Like A Pro…Without Spending Years In Graphic Design School!

(After taking this course, you will stop staring at your computer wondering,
“Where do I start? What color is best? How do I choose a font out of thousands of choices?”)

Create The Perfect Logo For Your Online Business

With The Right Information, ANYONE Can Create The Perfect Logo For Their Business…
YES, Even YOU!

Create The Perfect Logo For Your Online Business is the ideal course for business owners who want to create a logo that genuinely represents the true character of their business and even save a few dollars in the process.

“You don't have to be a graphic designer to create a great logo, you just have to know what goes into making it.”


Has the task of designing a logo gotten in the way of taking action?

  • Are you tired of being stalled because you can't get a logo designed that fits your business perfectly?
  • Are you still without a logo after trying to design one yourself, or working with a designer, and feel like the process is just too overwhelming and confusing?
  • Are you wondering where to start? What software to use, what font is best, what colors will work?
  • Are you questioning your ability and wondering if you will just embarrass yourself if you try to make your own logo?
  • Unsure if what you've created actually looks good? Are you scared of being perceived as an amateur instead of the pro you know you are?

This course is for you if…

  • You're a new business owner on a tight budget and you know that hiring a graphic designer to make your logo could cost you hundreds, maybe as much as a thousand dollars.
  • You're considering outsourcing your logo creation to a graphic designer.  Wouldn't it be nice to know if the logo he returns is one that will work for your business? Wouldn't it be great to be able to help him find the right fonts and colors because who knows your business better than you? Wouldn't it be nice to get a great logo back the first time?
  • You already have a great logo but you create the design of your ebook and report covers, course covers, and even graphics for your website, blog or social media. The information in this course is fundamental to graphic design and once you know it, you can apply it to many of your graphic needs. Imagine how much money you can save.
  • You're continuously creating new websites, blogs, and entering into new niches, and you know you could save thousands of dollars if you just knew what goes into making a good logo so you can do it yourself.



You'll Learn Everything You Need To Create A Logo That's Right For Your Business! The Right Logo Attracts Customers and Helps Existing Customers Stick Around   

In this course you will learn:


Why You Need A Logo – A logo is not art, it's a business tool. We go into why it's important to have a logo, especially to have the RIGHT logo.

What Makes A Great Logo – A great logo does many things for a business. We'll cover the elements that differentiate great logos from all the others.

Types of Logos – If you start by knowing what type of logo is best for your company, you'll have a good start. We'll cover all of them.

How To Choose A Font – Fonts say more than you think. We'll cover not only fonts but how to pair them to make a unique logo.

How To Choose Color – Colors speak to your customers in ways you may not be aware of. We'll make sure they hear the right message.

What NOT To Do – There are a lot of things that you can do wrong when designing your logo. We'll cover them so you don't have to worry.

How To Stay Legal – This is a short but necessary section. You don't want to deal with these kinds of problems in future years.

The Best Software – We'll cover what you're supposed to use and what you CAN use based on your time and budget.

Resource List – This is a downloadable list of all the resources mentioned in the course. The list is also online with clickable links.



Get instant access to Create The Perfect Logo For Your Online Business Course now!

Create The Perfect Logo For Your Online Business is the ideal course for business owners who want to create a logo that genuinely represents the true character of their business and even save a few dollars in the process.


Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 10 DAYS!

Review the course for 10 days. If, after you've had time to log in and review the training, you don't feel Create The Perfect Logo For Your Business offers the value we've presented here, just email me for a full refund. No hard feelings and the only question I'll ask is what you think was missing from the course.



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is covered in the course?

You'll get seven lessons covering everything you need to know about making a great logo. We cover all the elements that make a great logo including color, fonts, software, legal issues and what not to do when designing a logo.

How is the information delivered?

You will be given access to the complete course upon purchase. It is delivered via 7 videos with a total viewing time of 97 mins.

Why do I need to buy this course?

If you're currently feeling confusion and overwhelm or you don't know where to start and have no confidence in your ability to create a logo that's right for you business, you need this course. You'll come out with confidence to either create your own logo, or confidently speak with a designer. Either way, you win.

Are there transcripts so I can read the information?

No, currently there are no transcripts. The information is presented with a lot visuals and much of that information would be lost in written form. There is a PDF download that includes all the resources and links mentioned in the course.


Get instant access to Create The Perfect Logo For Your Online Business Course now!

Don't pass up on the ideal course  to take your business to the next level. Create a logo that genuinely represents the true character of your business and even save a few dollars in the process.