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Pink & Gold Desktop Facebook Group Engagement Graphics


Use these beautiful graphics in your Facebook Group to entice your audience to engage. Everyone likes being in a group with the members participate. Make it easy by scheduling these graphics to get your members to share.

Choose from 3 color options, plain with no color block, with a white block or a pink block.

Days were created as a separate file so that you can put any day of the week on any graphic. Place the day anywhere on the graphic and easily resize if you want it smaller or larder. Simple video instructions are included for Canva.

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The base graphics (blog, Insta, Social, etc.) do not include the days of the week, instead, we've included a separate file for each day. That way you can customize your graphics for whatever day you want. You can have Tuesday Blog or Sunday Blog, Wednesday Insta or Friday Insta, it's up to you.

In your package, you'll receive a link to a simple instructional video so you can add any day to any graphic. Move it around and even resize it. Make it look however you want. The instructional video shows you how to do this using Canva, a free graphics program at It's super simple.


You can choose one of 3 color-ways. The first is plain with no color block. The second has a pink diagonal block of color and the third has a white diagonal block of color.