Why I don't watch your Facebook Live

Why I Don’t Watch Your Facebook Lives

It's not often I make a “rant” post but I think this “rant” needs to be done. I'm not pointing my finger to any one individual or group, I just have an opinion and wanted to put it out in the world for others to either agree with, disagree with, learn from, or wonder about.

Facebook has made it clear that using their live video feature will help your post be seen. Consequently, a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon and doing frequent “lives”. Have you noticed how many are in your feed recently?

I notice it mostly in the groups where I'm a member, both free groups and those where I pay to be a member. Some people save the “lives” for teaching something specific (this is one good way to use “lives”), others use them on a daily basis just to talk to their group members (waste of my time). And still, others use it randomly here and there to just mix things up (another waste of my time). What's funny about using “live” in a group is it can't be spread to anyone outside of the group, so it's not going to help the group owner's reach in any way.

But I'm finding the proliferation of all these “live” videos to be a bit of a burden and quite often… NO, most of the time, I just scroll right on by.

Why am I now starting to skip these “live” sessions with the very people I decided to join and follow in the first place?

Well, there are several reasons but mostly it all comes down to TIME. Will the video be a waste of MY time?

Here's my list of reasons why I don't listen to your “live” Facebook videos:

  1. Facebook broken thumbs upYour video is just too damn long. Most anything that needs to be said can be said in 5 minutes or less. If you can't be succinct and need to spend 30 minutes rambling about something that could be stated in 5 minutes, I will learn very quickly to skip all your videos, not only in the “live” mode but also on replay.
  2. You waste more of my time saying “Hi, Sally,” and “How are you today, Jenni” to each and every person that joins the “live” session. Then you make it worse by repeating statements in the comment feed, the ones that I can read myself. I understand repeating a question that's followed by an answer but, really, the statements too? Believe me, I know how to read and to make matters worse, have probably already read that statement you're now reading back to me.
  3. You decided to set-up a daily “live” session and now you're finding that filling that time-slot with useful information that really matters is starting to get difficult. Yeah, daily is just too much.
  4. You're not teaching me anything or giving me the information I need and can use.
  5. If you're teaching me something I need and can use, it's not on a regular schedule but at your whim. It makes it hard to schedule on my calendar and I might miss the very information I signed-up to get.

Honestly, there are a lot of things that are conveyed in a video much better and much easier than a written document, but making a long video just to make it easy for you without taking into account the value for your audience, is just plain selfish.

Next time, before you sit down to talk to your camera, consider your audience (the very people you should be talking to) and ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Facebook Thumbs Up with FlowerDoes my audience need this information? Can they really use it? Or am I just making a video to fill space on my group discussion/page/personal feed?
  2. Is the information I'm going to convey best shown in video format? Will my message be better received in video format versus giving my audience the information in written format? Should I offer both video and written (that's easily read and scannable)?
  3. Is there any way I can make this video short? Less than 10 mins? Less than 5 mins?
  4. Do my viewers want to be called out by name? Or am I just trying to fill space?
  5. If this is information that my audience needs, did I schedule the “live” so those who want to attend can plan for it?

Okay, there you have it. My blog, my opinion. I just want to say, please consider your audience when you decide to do a Facebook Live video, they will love you for it.

Until next time,


P.S. I'd love to hear your comments! Yay or nay?

Haha, this reminds me of being added to a group text, the same thing, please don't add me just to add me… especially in the middle of the night! Here's a video my family shared with me a while back after I told them to not add me to irrelevant group texts, I thought it was a hoot! Hope you get a laugh!

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  • briantmorgan says:

    I’m a ‘yay’. I prefer my online information and learning to come from a static position. A pdf trumps all, but is best when enhanced by visual stimuli (photos, graphics, art, change of font etc.). The plain fact is that I digest and understand the written word so much better, faster and completely than I can the jumbled junk that comes from talking heads going the ‘me me me me me hello you, me my product and hello you, me awesome me me insane me me my product’. Can’t watch FB lives: won’t watch FB lives. Not over-keen on video training, except for screen captures, so your logo course has yet to be watched. I’ll get there.

    • Reba says:

      I hope you like the logo course, it’s not really a screen capture, I do a lot of talking! Maybe I should think about doing a transcript or something for people who learn better by reading. I’ll have to give that some thought. Thanks for the comment!

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