You ARE a Leader: You Need A Vision

You ARE A Leader: You Need A Vision

Do you have a vision for your business?

I was thinking about this today…

There's lots of information found in books, articles, blogs, and on the internet that talks about why leaders need to have a vision. But, if you have a small online business, maybe it's just you who runs it, how does that apply to you? Why do you need a vision? You're not leading anyone.

If You Own a Business, You Are a Leader

You lead every day. First, you lead yourself, your household, your finances. In your business you lead your audience, your customers, and anyone you work with including those you outsource to, speak in front of, or collaborate with.

You are a leader.

And as such, you need a vision.

What is a Vision?

A vision is a vivid picture of the future in your imagination. It is a positive, compelling and future-paced movie that is aligned with your values. It inspires forward movement toward a goal.

A vision should include you and everyone in your life and business. It should paint a picture of how everyone has a role and helps in its creation.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about hiring your husband unless that's your vision. But it does include his support and understanding.

My daughter owns a volleyball club. The work is stressful and demanding. She works nights and weekends, and there's lots of travel. I'm sure in her vision of the future, myself and her mother-in-law are included as we share babysitting when she travels, has a meeting or her husband is working. It's positive and aligned as my grandbaby (and future grandbabies) get to spend lots of time with their grandparents.

Don't forget, you have a life beyond your business, have a vision for it as well.

Why Do Leaders Need a Vision?

There are a lot of reasons to have a vision.

  • It creates energy. If you've created a positive vision that's compelling and aligned, you will get excited when you think about it. It will make you want to move forward to get to that place. Think about it often.
  • It shows you where you're going. It gives hope. Your vision will help you set your goals and inspire those you work with to help you get there.
  • It provides purpose and meaning for what you're doing.
  • It motivates and inspires you to keep going instead of getting bored and burned-out.
  • It helps you keep moving forward when you bump up against obstacles and roadblocks.
  • It keeps you focused on what you want.
  • It fosters risk-taking and helps you move out of your comfort zone.
  • It sets the bar helping you to know what excellence looks like.
  • It gives you a bridge from the present to the future.

Visions Need to Be Kept Active

You need to get a clear picture of your vision. Not that over time it won't change, but getting clear right now is important.

When I say clear, that doesn't include the ‘how-to',  that can be all fuzzy and blurry or even totally blank. In fact, you might not have a clue as to how you will create the future you imagine and that's okay. Just take one step at a time, and like the headlights of your car in the black of night, as you move forward toward your vision, the next step will come into focus.

Just the fact that you have a vivid vision of what you want your future business to look like, gives the universe the information it needs to send you just the thing to move you closer.

It's okay to communicate your vision with the world. Keep it out in front of you and others. Tell your family, tell your friends, post it on your website and on your social media channels. Weave it into your speaking events and videos. Embed it in everything your audience touches.

Leave me a comment below. Do you have a vision? Did this post motivate you to start working on one? Forming a vision is a skill that can be learned, don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise. It's important that you know what you want and where you're going. A vision of your future will help you get there.

All my best,


P.S. I'm feeling like my vision is just a little too blurry, I'm not talking about the how-to, I'm talking about the end game. I'll get back to you when I've cleared it up.


About the Author Reba Collins

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